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company news about The Principle and Advantages of Hydraulic Punching Machine

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The Principle and Advantages of Hydraulic Punching Machine

The principle and advantages of hydraulic punching machine



The basic principle of hydraulic punching machine:

The hydraulic system of the punching machine uses the hydraulic pump to convert the mechanical energy of the prime mover into the pressure energy of the liquid, transmits the energy through the control valve and the hydraulic oil pipe, and converts the liquid pressure energy into the mechanical energy with the help of the hydraulic cylinder, so as to drive the various mechanical parts and realize linear reciprocating motion. When equipped with a mold, it can achieve the punching operation of metal tubes and profiles.


Advantages of hydraulic punching machine:

After the punching machine is equipped with a hydraulic system, the machine has stronger power, good safety performance, low noise, high efficiency, good punching effect and no burr, and is recognized and used by more and more customers.

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